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This week's Community Cougars as voted for by the players are the entire Seaton Family. The Seatons have been involved in Cougars football for several years. They have sent two generations of players through H.M.B.H.S. with this season being the first without a player on the field in several years. Mike, Dave, Steve, Phil, Nick and Nate make up the chain gang at John Francis Field on game night and the team meals that Audrey organized and prepared for the Varsity team are legendary. The Seatons do not miss a game both home and away. The entire football program congratulates the Seaton family on being named Community Cougars for this weeks "Skull Game" against rival Terra Nova!

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This week's Community Cougar as voted on by the players is Georgann Cartwright. Georgann is involved in several aspects of Cougar football including our web site, game program, team dinners as well as helping with team photos. Georgann was also responsible for organizing our Senior Night ceremony. She is an important behind the scene parent who gives her all to Cougar football and our student-athletes. Georgann is the kind of parent that makes it possible for coaches to do what they do best knowing that the off field details are in good hands. She sets an example of what a team parent should be and how all parents with student-athletes should be involved. A huge Cougars congratulations goes out to Georgann Cartwright for being voted this week's Community Cougar!

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This week's Community Cougar is Half Moon Bay alumni Cameron Palmer. Cameron is a long time Cougars supporter and owner of Cameron's restaurant in Half Moon Bay where the Varsity football team has their Thursday night team dinners. Cameron is not only a Cougars football supporter, but a community leader in Half Moon Bay and a supporter of all HMBHS athletics. A huge Cougars congratulations goes out to Cameron Palmer for being voted our Senior Night Community Cougar!

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This week's Community Cougar as voted on by the players is John Nazar. John is a regular at all Cougars football games and can also be found in the stands on Wednesday evening for the Varsity practice. Most of the players know John Nazar from his days as Vice Principal at Cunha Middle School. John is always there for the players and coaches to offer words of encouragement when needed and congratulations when warranted. A huge Cougars congratulations goes out to John Nazar for being this weeks Community Cougar!

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This week's Homecoming Game Community Cougar is Bryce Hadley. Mr. Hadley is an English teacher and an asst. Varsity softball coach for the Lady Cougars.

Mr. Hadley has taught several of our past and present Cougar athletes and has always impressed upon our student-athletes the importance of education. Mr. Hadley challenges his students in English class in order to get them to achieve more and surprise themselves with what they can accomplish when they raise the bar. Mr. Hadley is a consistant fixture on the sidelines on game day for both home and away games. A huge Cougars congratulations from the players and coaches to Mr. Bryce Hadley for being voted Homecoming week Community Cougar!

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This week's Community Cougar will hold the honor for two weeks due to the bye week. The Community Cougar is one of the players favorite teachers and has been our Community Cougar on more then one occasion. This weeks C.C. is Mr. John Carey. Mr. Carey is an English teacher at the High School and has taught several of our past and present Cougars football players. Mr. Carey was also our girls basketball coach for many seasons and led those teams to several big wins. Mr. Carey has been a mentor to many of our Cougars athletes and has spent time talking to our student athletes about not only their sport, but also about life after High School.

The players and coaches give a huge Cougar congratulations to Mr. John Carey for being voted Community Cougar for our first league game.

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This weeks Community Cougars as voted for by the players are the Thursday night team dinner BBQ Crew.

A special thanks and congratulations goes out to Mark and Gavin McGregor, Doug Acton and Nick Leonardos. The players and coaches have enjoyed several fantastic Thursday night dinners and continue to talk about the BBQ ribs from 2 weeks ago. It is with much appreciation and full stomachs that the Cougars offer a huge thank you to these 4 on the BBQ Crew. The players and coaches are looking forward to this Thursday and again thank you for all you do.

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This week's Community Cougar as voted for by the varsity players is Mr Dubon. Mr. Dubon is a Spanish teacher on campus and has had several of our Cougar football players in his classes over the course of several years. His style of teaching is entertaining and popular with the students in his classroom. He enjoys talking to the players about what is happening on the football field as well as their personal lives. The players and coaches give Mr. Dubon a huge Cougar congratulations for being this weeks Community Cougar!

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This weeks Community Cougar, as voted by the players is Johnathan Bali's grandfather Johnathan Bali senior affectionately known as "Gramps" by the kids. Gramps is a big supporter of Cougars football and is always offering words of encouragement to his grandson as well as other Half Moon Bay student athletes. A huge Cougars congratulations to Gramps Bali!

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The week's Community Cougar, as voted by the players, is Doug Acton. Doug is a big supporter of Half Moon Bay athletics and his son Shane is a quarterback on the Varsity team. Doug has taken on the job of running the team's Facebook page and has posted several great pictures of our football players. Doug can be seen at all of the games with his camera in hand and at several practices enjoying the action on the field. A big Cougar thank you goes out to Doug from all the players and coaches and congratulations on being voted the first week's Community Cougar!