SUSAN Bayless



Susan Bayless has coached the Cougar Cheerleading Squads for 5 years. A graduate from the University of Oklahoma in 1987, Susan was a member of the Pom-Pom Squad at OU in 1985 and 1986. She moved to the bay area in 1988 and moved to the coast in 1998. A trained jewelry designer, she designs and manufactures jewelry in home. Volunteering and event planning are a passion and a talent, over the past 5 years she has raised over $600k for the athletic programs at Half Moon Bay High School.  During her down time, Susan and her children spend their summers in Scorpion Bay, BCS.  Scorpion Bay is her favorite place to spend time with her kids; they relax, play games, fish, surf, SUP and ride ATV's.  Currently she lives in Montara.

Courtney Chew


Courtney Chew has been an active player in cheer programs on the Coastside throughout her whole life. At age 5, she started in Pop Warner competitive cheer following through until age 13. She also cheered for Half Moon Bay High School, landing a spot on the Varsity team her Sophomore year and cheered competitively in San Jose during the off season, with her teams winning numerous regional titles. During her high school years, Courtney was also a coach of the Pop Warner ages 5-12, helping to lead them to national and win several other regional titles in the Pacific Northwest. After studying in Santa Barbara for 3 years, she is now Student at the College of San Mateo studying Business Management and is soon to attend San Francisco State in the spring semester.