A cougar tradition

In 2008, we started a new Cougar Football tradition called the “Community Cougar”. Each game week our players will get together and choose a person (teacher, administrator, parent or anyone in the community) that has helped support them in some way; be it academically, athletically, emotionally, etc.

That week, the Community Cougar is invited to any practice/meeting/ “behind the scenes look” they would like to attend. They would be guest of honor at our team dinner Thursday night and then invited down to our sideline during the game. We'll also give them a long sleeve black shirt with "Community Cougar" on the back to wear at the games.

This is our way to recognize a few of the many people that support and encourage our kids.

Week 13: 2005 & 2015 CCS champion teams

Both these teams have demonstrated what can be accomplished when you put team first and play for one another.

Week 12: Seaton Family

The Seatons have been a huge part of Cougar Football for many generations.  Mike was John Francis Award winner at HMBHS and coached Pop Warner for many years.  His wife, Audrey, served as our team mom for many years while her sons played at HMBHS and still supports our program. Mike and his brothers, Dave, Phil, and Steve currently serve as our chain gang for Friday night home games.  Many other Seatons, Little Dave, Michael, Nick, Nate, and Neal have been a huge part of Cougar Football and still offer support to our program.  A huge thank you to the Seatons for their continued support and loyalty to our program.

WEEK 11: travis Donovan

Travis is an HMBHS alumni and a die hard Cougar fan. Travis takes care of many of our behind the scenes needs including taking care of the lights on Wednesday night practice. We appreciate Travis' support to our program

Week 10: BBQ Crew

A huge thank you goes out to Doug Acton, Mark McGregor and Gavin McGregor for their time and commitment in preparing delicious team meals for our weekly dinners. The players and coaches look forward to the awesome BBQ each week. Thank you for feeding our players and coaches each week

Week 9: Ricky Simms

Ricky was a stand out athlete at HMBHS in both football and baseball. Ricky encompasses what Cougar Pride is all about. His heart and courage on the field was legendary. Ricky was a big part of HMB's 2005 CCS title making big play after big play all season long. Ricky also has been a coach on the varsity staff and he also coached our Coastside Pop Warner teams. When you see Ricky this week please say hello and thank you.

Week 8: Tammy Von Almen

Tammy, mother of junior Hayden Von Almen, volunteers for all of Cougar Football events.  Tammy loves our players and is always offering them words of encouragement.  Tammy has also been known to bake from time to time for our players.  The players and staff appreciates all that Tammy does for Cougar Football.

WEEK 7: Pablo Gutierrez and Anthony DeMartini

Both of these young men have been to practices and have supported our players. Pablo was an all league receiver on last season's CCS championship team and is currently studying electronics at ITT Tech. Anthony was a running back on last season's team and can currently be found coaching Coastside football this season. Give both of these young men a thank you and congratulations when you see them.

WEEK 6: Sara DeSantis

Ms. DeSantis has many of our football players in her Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 classes at HMBHS.  This school year, Ms. DeSantis is volunteering her time to help our football players in math during their weekly study hall.  We appreciate all that Ms. DeSantis does for HMBHS and HMB Football.

Week 5: Principal John Nazar

Starting his sophomore season as HMBHS principal, Mr. Nazar's enthusiasm for his job and the encouragement he has given all students at HMBHS has been tremendous.  On game day you can find Mr. Nazar on the sidelines giving our players his signature "Thumbs Up."  Our football program appreciates all that Mr. Nazar has done for the program and for our community. 

Week 4: Becky Ruppel

The entire football program would like to congratulate next week's Community Cougar Becky Ruppel. If you have spent any time in our athletic program or any of our many events and contests then you have seen Becky and her camera. She attends all varsity football games and has taken several wonderful photos throughout the years for all of our HMB athletic teams and contest. She does not just take team photos, she also takes great action photos and generously shares her photos with everyone.

Week 3: Film Crew

A big thank you to Derek France, Gary Ballard and Pete Royce. These 3 make it possible for our players and coaches to point out the good and bad from the previous night's game. It is this ability that helps to make our team better each week. New this season is the ability to see plays on the field right after they happen so that the coaches and players can make in- game adjustments.

Week 2: Rachel Daly

Rachel's son Tom Jr. plays on our JV football team. Rachel always enthusiastically helps run all Cougar events, most recently our Casino Night and Cougar Kick Off.  Rachel also runs our snack bar.  We would like to thank Rachel for all the time and effort that she dedicates to our program

Week 1: Baird family

The Bairds are heavily involved in the success of HMB Cougars football. Sean and Arron are players on the varsity and JV teams respectively. Julie is the backbone of the football program doing the behind the scenes work including organizing team dinners and coordinating all team communications. Along with those responsibilities, Julie and Dave are a part of all other volunteer work that goes on for Cougar Football. Please join us in congratulating the Baird family for being this week's Community Cougar.




  • John Nazar
  • Zack Perry
  • Mr. Laituri
  • Tammy Von Almen
  • Ricky Simms
  • Chad Kruckewitt
  • Baird Family
  • Vice Principal
    Ms. Tiffany Zammit
  • Barbara Anderson,
    Lu Spigelman, Julie Baird,    Michelle Terra
  • Seaton Family
  • Emma Hofmann
  • Jim & Judy Drobnick
  • 2005 CCS Championship Team


  • Jim & Judy Drobnick
  • Seaton Family
  • Becky Ruppel
  • Mr. Olson
  • Terra Family
  • Georgann Cartwright
  • Julie Baird
  • Mr. Carey
  • Mr. Stagg
  • Mr. Jones
  • Susan Royce


  • Seaton Family
  • Georgann Cartwright
  • Cameron Palmer
  • John Nazar
  • Bryce Hadley
  • Mr. John Carey
  • BBQ Crew
  • Mr. Dubon
  • Johnathan Bali Senior
  • Doug Acton


  • Holly Winnen
  • Seaton Family
  • Steve & Karen Bacich
  • Mr. Hadley
  • Andrew Boysen
  • Matt Ballard
  • Lisa Garcia
  • Becky Ruppel
  • David Jones
  • Silas Moore


  • Travis & Sean Donovan
  • The Seaton Family
  • Breen Hofmann
  • Dave Welch
  • Zeke Smith
  • Mr. John Carey
  • Rocky Perry
  • Bridget Meyers
  • Crystal Rigley
  • David Jones


  • CCS Championship Team
  • Mike Hallgren
  • Sean & Travis Donovan
  • Steve Bacich
  • Audrey Seaton
  • David Jones
  • Karen Nelson
  • Larkin Evans
  • Cameron Palmer
  • Dwayne Dinucci
  • James Barnes
  • Allison Silvestri



• Scott Biezad
• Terri Chatfield
• Ron & Bev France
• Cameron Palmer
• Mike, Dave & Steve Seaton
• Bridget Meyers
• Tony Maganini
• Gary Mason
• Lisa Gracia
• Conor Meyers